Echoes of the Mountain- Exhibition by Josephine Geaney

Image by artist Josephine Geaney
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Josephine’s paintings capture her deep emotional connection to the picturesque landscape of Tipperary, evoking a sense of profound intimacy and personal belonging. Through vivid brushstrokes and harmonious colour the artists work conveys a heartfelt expression of her love of the landscape ,inviting viewers to share in her personal attachment to the beauty of Tipperary’s natural surroundings. Josephine Geaney is a visual artist from Nenagh, Co.Tipperary. From childhood all she ever wanted to do was to paint and in 2008 She fulfilled this dream by obtaining an BA Honours Degree in Fine art painting from Limerick School of Art and Design. Josephine has a profound passion for painting and immerses herself in the boundless realms of colour, textures and brushstrokes to give life to her artistic vision. Through this exhibition “Echoes of the Mountain” She strives to capture the elusive essence of the Tipperary Landscape and translate it onto the canvas, creating a dialogue between her inner emotions and the external environment. Her work is now in many Government , Corporate and Private collections.

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09:00 am
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Nenagh Arts Centre
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