Letterpress and Monoprint Workshop

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Join our community outreach artists and members of Mná na nEalaín Collective Angelina Foster and Sibéal Riordan for an exciting workshop exploring letterpress & Monoprinting as part of the collectives year long collaborative project “Unheard Voices”. Taking inspiration from feminist protest posters from 1974 -1990 participants will create and collaborate to create a series of works taking inspiration from posters of particular interest to them. In letterpress printing individual metal or wooden letters called “type” are arranged by hand in to a frame called a chase to form words and images. Ink is applied to these letters, and then printed on to paper. For this workshop the artists will have pre prepared type for participants to work with but hope that as the project develops over the coming months that some participants may have their own writings they wish to use. Monoprint is a low tech form of printmaking that involves applying ink to a plate or textured objects to create a imprint. Unlike other printmaking methods where multiple copies can be made from a single print, each monoprint is unique.

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06:00 pm
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08:00 pm
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Nenagh Arts Centre
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