Within Without - Ecstatic Dance

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Within: Check in with your body. Ask yourself how do I want to move right now? Allow your breath to rise and fall in time with the music. Give yourself permission to move any way you want to, stretching out parts of yourself that have been coiled tightly inwards. The parts of you that are contracted, holding on to tension. Let them go. And move. Roll on the floor, jump in the air, whatever it is your body wants to do. Allow your emotions to flow through you as you move, release them into the dance. Without: Without alcohol or other mind-altering substances. Without judgement. There’s no one to impress. No one is watching to see if you’re out of rhythm, or stiff and clunky, or whether you look good in those clothes. This is a safe space. And without yourself. As in, outside of yourself. Let yourself connect with others. Move through the space, sometimes playful. Spiral around the room and let yourself connect for a moment, then disengage. However you are, you are welcome and wonderful. It’s not about getting to any state, but being open to the possibility for subjective inner to merge with outer and a sense of separation to cease. Please book in via email or phone, and arrive on time, ready to start promptly for 7pm.

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07:00 pm
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09:00 pm
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Nenagh Arts Centre
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Aaron Bailey
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