Finding A Voice: Woman of Genius Pauline Viardot

Finding A Voice: Woman of Genius Pauline Viardot
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A Woman of Genius: The Life and Music of Pauline Viardot

Celebrating the 200th anniversary of Pauline Garcia Viardot (1821-1910), one of the greatest divas of the nineteenth century, soprano Kelley Lonergan Petcu and pianist Gabriela Mayer present a recital of works by Garcia Viardot and her contemporaries.

Finding A Voice

For the fourth edition of Finding a Voice in 2021, the concert series will again focus on the music of women composers through the ages, building and expanding on the first three highly successful series since 2018. The theme for 2021 is #ItsAboutTime and several concerts will focus on the notion of “time” in all its different iterations, from Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel’s epic piano piece Das Jahr [The Year], a musical diary of her travels in Italy, to percussionist Alex Petcu-Colan’s exploration of time in relation to rhythm, tempo and duration. Finding a Voice will also celebrate a significant anniversary in 2021 – the bi-centenary of the birth of Pauline Garcia Viardot, one of the most significant musical figures of the nineteenth century.

Supported by the Arts Council of Ireland #ArtsIreland
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