About Endlessness

About Endlessness
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Dir: Roy Andersson 2019, Sweden, Germany, Norway, France, 76 min, Cert: 12A Swedish auteur Roy Andersson’s latest is another masterpiece of the human condition, ranging from the evils of war to the redemptive power of love. About Endlessness is another of Andersson’s superb anthologies of the human condition: people with a zombie-white pallor enclosed in enigmatic tableaux, populating his utterly unique world of unreality and artificiality, scenes of tragicomedy inspired by Tati and Python and created with masterly model work and green-screen effects in the studio. He shows moments of all too human weakness, weariness, gentleness, bewilderment, despair; there are nauseating visions of war crimes, returning us to the genocidal horror he showed in his 1991 short film World of Glory. Yet there are also scenes of hope, compassion and love. A wizened old man in a bar, whose windows show a glorious vista of snowfall, declaims to a roomful of strangers that it is “Fantastic … fantastic!” He’s right, though his rapture isn’t enough to convince the dentist we saw in the earlier scenes, slumped over the bar, his surgical mask now pulled down to his chin in proto-Covid exhaustion and misery. This event will go ahead based on Government guidelines regarding venue capacity in respect of Covid 19. Tickets are strictly limited early booking is advised. Tickets MUST be pre-booked / No walk-ups. For the membership admission of €5 please call box office on 0504 90204. Tue-Fri 10am-5pm only, Memberships cannot be processed on the night / (Membership €15 per annum) *Patrons should note that they may be required to have a Covid Certificate and ID with them to secure admission.

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