Winter Walking Festival - Glen of Aherlow

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Glen of Aherlow Fáilte Society are pleased to announce the Winter Walking Festival 2024 is now available for booking. Once again this will be a full weekend of varied walks and experiences. Registration 6.30 pm Aherlow House Hotel . This year there will be 9 walks over 3 days starting on Friday 26th January at 7.30pm. This is an gentle walk to ease everyone in, just taking in the Nature Park to Christ the King and back to the Hotel. (Approx 1 hour walk, cost €5) Saturday 27th January 9am-: 'A ' Walk Galty Horseshoe 14km Walking time 6 hours (highest point Galtymore) cost €25 10am--'B' walk Cush and Lake Diheen 13km walking time 4-5 hours cost €25 11am --'C' walk The Millenium Stone 11km walking time 3-4 hours cost €15 Sunday 28th January 9am -: 'B1' walk Fearbreaga/Muskry Lakes 12km walking time 5 hours cost €25 10am--'B2' Lough Curra Loop 9km walking time 4hours cost €25 11am-- Moore Abbey/Aherlow House 7km walking time 3 hours cost €20 There are bus transfers available for all A & B walks re freshments provided afterwards.

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Sports and Outdoors
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06:30 pm
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05:00 pm
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Aherlow House Hotel
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Jane Ryan
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